Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] GnuTLS on Windows
From: Gerald Combs <[email protected]>
Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 09:55:17 -0500
ronnie sahlberg wrote:
> Gerald,
> I have checked in required magic in the config and nmake files to
> build and link wireshark with KerberosForWindows   which is a port of
> MIT Kerberos for windows.
> I compiled an older version of KFW   version 2.5  since the latest
> versions were "difficult" to compile.   The old version shouldnt
> matter since we only use a very tiny subset of KFW.
> After removing everything except the dll/lib/h files that wireshark
> needs it boiled down to a ~200kbyte tgz archive for the kfw stuff we
> need in c:\wireshark-win32-libs
> I would much like to get this included in the win32 build.
> The only thing missing now is
> 1, somewhere i can send this ~200kb archive that represents
> c:\wireshark-win32-libs\kfw-2.5

It should be added to the SVN repository at


The archive should go in "packages" and a corresponding entry should be
added to the README file.  Once the changes are checked into /trunk you
have to create a date-stamped entry in


using "svn copy".

> 2, the required magic for the "download all required packages

DOWNLOAD_PREFIX in tools/win32-setup.sh needs to point to the new
directory.  (Using date-stamped directories provides backward
compatibility for older revisions and releases).

> 3, changing config.nmake and uncomment the KFW_DIR line

Once that's done you should send a note to -dev letting everyone know
that they may need to re-run "nmake -f makefile.nmake setup" (which is
something I forget to do most of the time).

> I have built a nsis installer locally and it successfully decrypts
> kerberos tickets, SecureLDAP and sealed DCERPC traffic.

Cool!  Now if GNUTLS would be more cooperative...