Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Ideas regarding bug 1025?
From: Neil Piercy <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2006 12:56:11 +0100
I did a little more investigation on this:

The crash only happens trying to display the response packets in the bug trace - handling the request packets is fine, and both go through the same execution path in this area. The big difference between the request and the response is that the _values_ of the 64 bit monotonic replay detection counter: the requests use very small values, the responses use huge values (i.e. all bytes of the 64 bit values are non-zero).
The crash definitely happens deep in the glib handling of the 
g_vsnprintf - I dont have a debug build of glib, but it looked like it 
went into the guts of the core gnulib/vasnprintf, where it hit an abort 
call. Without the debug lib it is difficult to see where or why.
Bottom line: looks to me like a glib bug or a build incompatibility 
between guint64 handling in the glib binary and ethereal perhaps?

Neil Piercy wrote:

The head of the stack just before the exception is given below.

The actual error is in proto_tree_set_representation at the call:
	g_vsnprintf(fi->rep->representation, ITEM_LABEL_LENGTH, format, ap);

The format has a single %I64x value needed.

The entry to the routine throws an MSVC Runtime Library error dialogue.

Not an area I know much about, but I can reproduce it - if this isnt ringing any bells, drop me a line with where to look next, and I'll give it a whirl.

proto_tree_set_representation(_proto_node * 0x02d6e418, const char * 0x01489ad8, char * 0x0012e378) line 2938 proto_tree_add_text(_proto_node * 0x02d6e4d8, tvbuff * 0x02cfba9c, int 323, int 8, const char * 0x01489ad8) line 677 + 17 bytes bootp_option(tvbuff * 0x02cfba9c, _proto_node * 0x02cfb020, int 318, int 376, int 0, int * 0x0012e478, const char * * 0x0012e488, const unsigned char * * 0x0012e454) line 1211 + 42 bytes dissect_bootp(tvbuff * 0x02cfba9c, _packet_info * 0x02c1cef8, _proto_node * 0x02cfb5c0) line 3162 + 35 bytes call_dissector_through_handle(dissector_handle * 0x02abd640, tvbuff * 0x02cfba9c, _packet_info * 0x02c1cef8, _proto_node * 0x02cfb5c0) line 387 + 18 bytes
Joerg Mayer wrote:


On Linux, I can't reproduce the crash mentioned in
Can someone please try to test this on Windows and maybe provide a stack


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