Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Packet reassembling
From: Gerhard Gappmeier <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2006 16:11:41 +0200
Hi Jaap,

On Wednesday 12 July 2006 14:44, Jaap Keuter wrote:
> Hi Gerhard,
> Could you add this information to the README.txt file in the Wireshark
yes, np
I attached it.
> docbook directory? I know you don't consider yourself an expert, but to us
> non-Gentoo people you are ;)
That's funny. It installed Gentoo the first time two weeks ago ;-)
Before I was using SuSE. (btw, Gentoo is really cool!)
I just recognized, that the date in my mail was still incorrect.
Sorry, I fixed this now.
A NTP synchronized time, but wrong date.
Blame on me ;-)
> Thanx,
> Jaap
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Index: README.txt
--- README.txt	(revision 18719)
+++ README.txt	(working copy)
@@ -90,8 +90,27 @@
 Packages for Gentoo
+Like with all packages do...
+Check dependencies: emerge -p <package>
+Install it:         emerge <package>
+Tool/File	Package                  Opt./Mand.   Comments
+---------	-------                  ----------   --------
+xsltproc:	libxslt                  M            XSLT processer. A very fast processor writtin in C.
+xmllint:	libxml2                  O            Xml Validator. You probably want to install that.
+fop:		fop                      O            Only needed to generate PDFs. Has a lot of JAVA dependencies.
+docbook.xsl:	docbook-xsl-stylesheets  M            Necessary docbook catalogs are built automatically by portage in /etc/xml and /etc/sgml
+chunk.xsl:	docbook-xsl-stylesheets  M              using "/usr/bin/build-docbook-catalog".
+htmlhelp.xsl:	docbook-xsl-stylesheets  M              So docbook runs out of the box on Gentoo.
+docbookx.dtd:	docbook-xml-dtd          M
+jimi:		sun-jimi                 O            Jimi is a class library for managing images. Used by fop.
+Quanta+         quanta or kdewebdev      O            Nice HTML/XML/SGML and Docbook editor with Syntaxhighlighting, Autocompletion, etc.
+Tip: The actual DTD version of Gentoo is 4.4, but wireshark docs still use 4.2.
+     To be able to generate the docs, change the version in the second line of developer-guide.xml
+     or install an older version of the DTD.
+     See into the Gentoo handbook howto unmask old versions.
 Packages for Fedora Core