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From: "Anders Broman \(AL/EAB\)" <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2006 14:36:59 +0200
In my opinion it depends on how big the problem you are trying to solve
realy is and how complicated it will be
To design a well working solution, sometimes the cure is worse than the

For Windows it seems like we have reasonable solution, how complicated
will it be to do a solution for the UNIX variants that will
Fit all or most users?

For my own part I think i got only 2 or 3 preferense settings that I
don't need to change depending on the trace at hand
And having to set them again seems like a small problem compared to
waiting for the first Wireshark release for another couple of weeks...

Best regards

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Jacques, Olivier (OpenCall Test Infra) wrote:
> I don't see that as a pre-requisite. IMHO we should keep things simple

> and have only a mention in the release notes that Ethereal preferences

> are not retrieved.

That's not a very user friendly point of view.

"Why should I take care of the preference settings, I was able to copy
things over so others can do this as well"

You're showing a point of view that I hate by a lot of open source
projects (especially the wiki implementations I had a look at). I
personally don't want to spend my whole life with all the programs I use
to tinker settings after upgrading until it's working again. It should
just update and work again as before.

The most successful open source projects *are* taking care of such
things, and IMHO,  they are often successful because of exactly these
reasons ...

However, a lot of open source developers seem to think that keeping
things simple for the developers is more important than keeping things
simple for the users. I'm personally disgusted about this point of view,
even for a project biased towards "power users".

Regards, ULFL

P.S: BTW, that's one of the main reasons that I still use Windows: 
Windows developers take care of their users while UNIX developers often
don't (this seems to be a pattern). However, I want to switch to Linux
for other reasons I don't like of Windows (privacy, DRM, ...).
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