Wireshark-dev: Re: [Wireshark-dev] Next release (plus SVN and roadmap changes)

From: "Bryant Eastham" <beastham@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2006 13:44:48 -0600
Not to open a complete can of worms here, but is there a reason that a
more standard repository layout (trunk, tags, branches) is not being
used? I have been asking for a tag of 0.99.1pre1, with my appeals
probably being ignored because I was asking for something that doesn't
fit the developer's idea of how the repository works.

Those developers are obviously in charge, but it seems that the names
that are being proposed ("old-trunk-1.0"?) indicate that the structure
is flawed.

In other words:
  Isn't the proposed "prerelease" just "tags"?
  Isn't the new "trunk-1.0" just "branches/release-1.0"?
  Isn't the nonexist 0.99.1pre1 tree "tags/0.99.1pre1"?  
  If things have "no bearing on current layout" shouldn't they be

Sorry. I know already that I am treading into areas that I shouldn't.
I'll stop now and live (happily, for the most part, I must add) with
what is given me.

Bryant Eastham

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Subject: [Wireshark-dev] Next release (plus SVN and roadmap changes)

We're overdue for an official Wireshark release.  A couple of people
have pointed out that the code in /trunk is in better shape than
/trunk-1.0, and that we might be better off using it for future
releases.  I agree.

I'd like to make the following changes in the repository, which would
address this as well as clean up a few other issues:

  Create a "/prerelease" directory in SVN, and copy the 0.99.1pre1 tree
  there.  Future prereleases will be copied there as well.

  Move the current "/trunk-1.0" directory to "/branches/old-trunk-1.0".

  Copy "/trunk" to "/trunk-1.0".

  I'm tempted to create a "/historic" directory and move "/branches" and
  "/tags" there.  These were created during the migration from CVS to
  Subversion, and don't really have any bearing on the current
  repository layout.

If anyone is still doing active development in any moved directories,
they should be able to use "svn switch" to point their copy to the right

I'd also like to make the following changes to the roadmap:

  Mark 0.99.1 as "abandoned".

  Bump the 0.99.x (x > 0) micro release versions by 1, e.g. 0.99.1 will
  become 0.99.2, etc.

This means that the next release will be 0.99.2, and that the code will
come from what's currently in "/trunk".
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