Wireshark-dev: [Wireshark-dev] ManageSoft LDSS plugin submission
From: Vasantha Crabb <[email protected]>
Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2006 11:41:06 +1000
This is a message that I previously posted to the ethereal-dev list, however, since Ethereal is dead, I thought it might be worth re-posting here.
Hi guys,

Thanks so much for all the work all of you have put into Ethereal. It's an invaluable tool for analysing network traffic, and it's helped me time and time again.
I'd like to submit a plugin for dissecting the Local Download Sharing 
Service (LDSS) protocol, used by ManageSoft 7.8 clients in peer-to-peer 
mode.  ManageSoft 7.8 is due to be released in the next quarter, and we 
would appreciate it if administrators and users were able to dissect 
the traffic to assist with troubleshooting.  LDSS has been assigned 
port 6087 by the IANA.
The source code for the plugin is attached to this message.  The code 
has been successfully tested with the latest Ethereal on 
Windows/x86/MSVC and Mac OS X/PPC/GCC.
Once again, thanks for everything.

Vasantha Crabb
ManageSoft Corporation

[email protected]

+61-3-9895-2000 (Phone)
+61-3-9895-2020 (Fax)
+61-3-9895-2157 (Direct)

56-60 Rutland Rd
PO Box 625
Box Hill  VIC  3128


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