Wireshark-bugs: [Wireshark-bugs] [Bug 12767] New: Malformed Packet: CDP (forced entry aging)
Date: Fri, 19 Aug 2016 20:59:07 +0000
Bug ID 12767
Summary Malformed Packet: CDP (forced entry aging)
Product Wireshark
Version Git
Hardware All
OS All
Severity Normal
Priority Low
Component Dissection engine (libwireshark)
Assignee [email protected]
Reporter [email protected]

Created attachment 14831 [details]
CDP entry flush packet

Build Information:
Version 2.3.0 (v2.3.0rc0-343-gb366d6e from unknown)
Dear Wireshark developers,

It seems that Cisco uses CDP packet with capability 0 and Null platform string
to force CDP entry aging on neighboring device during reload. Below is the
debug log on neighboring device during reload:

*Aug 19 20:32:04.434: CDP-PA: Packet received from Router on interface
*Aug 19 20:32:04.434: **Entry  found in cache**
*Aug 19 20:32:04.434: CDP-EV: Packet Received from Router with capability = 0
and Platform string =  on interface Ethernet0/2
*Aug 19 20:32:05.409: CDP-AD: Aging entry for Router, on interface Ethernet0/2
*Aug 19 20:32:05.409: CDP-EV: Notify registered clients about the entry
deletion from CDP cache for Ethernet0/2

I've convinced that CDP entry aged immediately on neighboring device. The
packet is attached. Thanks in advance!


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