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Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2014 19:48:47 +0000

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Comment # 2 on bug 10018 from
The vast majority of this memory usage is coming from TCP reassembly:

->76.58% (260,046,432B) 0x988622C: g_slice_alloc (in
->76.40% (259,413,712B) 0x65CCFA3: tvb_new (tvbuff.c:86)
->76.35% (259,241,976B) 0x65CBCEF: tvb_new_with_subset (tvbuff_subset.c:115)
->76.29% (259,048,944B) 0x65CBF30: tvb_new_subset_remaining
->76.23% (258,855,840B) 0x65BA8C4: fragment_add_work.isra.5 (reassemble.c:904)
->76.23% (258,855,840B) 0x65BAB60: fragment_add_common (reassemble.c:1370)
->76.23% (258,855,840B) 0x65BB346: fragment_add (reassemble.c:1390)
->76.23% (258,855,840B) 0x6C5BF80: dissect_tcp_payload (packet-tcp.c:1765)
->76.23% (258,855,840B) 0x6C5DE6D: dissect_tcp (packet-tcp.c:4837)

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