Wireshark-bugs: [Wireshark-bugs] [Bug 9957] New: WindowsXP buildbot is failing due to wslua test
Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2014 16:47:39 +0000
Bug ID 9957
Summary WindowsXP buildbot is failing due to wslua testsuite failure
Classification Unclassified
Product Wireshark
Version 1.11.x (Experimental)
Hardware x86
OS Windows XP
Severity Normal
Priority Low
Component Wireshark
Assignee [email protected]
Reporter [email protected]

Build Information:
Paste the COMPLETE build information from "Help->About Wireshark", "wireshark
-v", or "tshark -v".
The WindowsXP buildbot build is failing due to a wslua testsuite failure, in
file reader/writer tests. I've looked at it a bit and I don't know
why it's failing yet - I know why it says it's failing, but it doesn't
fail for me. And it was passing on WindowsXP until the change to Lua 5.2.3,
but I run 5.2.3 all the time and it passes for me, and there's nothing
special about the portion that's failing.

So I've submitted a patch to ignore the failing test, so it can build
successfully and I can grab the automated build to debug it on WindowsXP (I
have WindowsXP, but not a build environment for it).

The temporary work-around patch is here:

This bug is to remind me to go debug and fix this once an automated build is

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