Wireshark-bugs: [Wireshark-bugs] [Bug 4048] protocol AMQP: packet-amqp.c:1240: failed assertion
Date: Tue, 4 Jan 2011 00:09:19 -0800 (PST)

Guy Harris <[email protected]> changed:

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--- Comment #3 from Guy Harris <[email protected]> 2011-01-04 00:09:18 PST ---
One should not use DISSECTOR_ASSERT() to catch problems with packets.  I
suppose what the DISSECTOR_ASSERT() reports is true, in that any time when a
packet can cause you to execute a DISSECTOR_ASSERT() call, it means your
dissector isn't explicitly handling bad packet data, which means your dissector
is buggy - but if a DISSECTOR_ASSERT() is tripped, it means the dissector has a
bug *that should be fixed*.

Rev 35357 has a change that eliminates the DISSECTOR_ASSERT() calls in favor of
explicitly reporting errors and/or triggering bounds-check assertions in the
tvbuff code.  I'll schedule it for 1.4 and 1.2.

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