Wireshark-bugs: [Wireshark-bugs] [Bug 4051] OutOfMemoryError isn't being caught at the top level
Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2009 15:27:03 -0700 (PDT)

Guy Harris <[email protected]> changed:

           What    |Removed                     |Added
         OS/Version|SuSE                        |All
           Platform|x86                         |All
            Summary|tshark crashes with singal  |OutOfMemoryError isn't being
                   |6: "Unhandled exception     |caught at the top level
                   |(group=1, code=6)"          |

--- Comment #1 from Guy Harris <[email protected]>  2009-09-25 15:27:02 PDT ---
"Signal 6" is OutOfMemoryError, so TShark just ran out of memory.  That's why
it's hard to reproduce - you have to capture for long enough, or read a big
enough capture file, so that you run out of memory, and the memory requirements
aren't based on the size of the file, it's based on a number of things,
including the amount of packet reassembly done.

The problem is that we don't catch OutOfMemoryError at a sufficiently high
level, and report "sorry, not enough memory" and clean up appropriately (where
"appropriately" would be different in different cases, e.g. TShark should just
stop capturing/reading, report "sorry, not enough memory", and quit, while
Wireshark should close the file and free up everything it can, and then pop up
a message box saying "sorry, not enough memory" (which it won't be able to do
until there *is* enough memory).

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