Wireshark-bugs: [Wireshark-bugs] [Bug 2867] RTP save payload to .au broken
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 2008 08:25:30 -0700 (PDT)

Jaap Keuter <[email protected]> changed:

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--- Comment #2 from Jaap Keuter <[email protected]>  2008-09-12 08:25:29 PDT ---
This is a fine example of a context diff going horribly wrong.....

There was a bug 2780, which complained about missing audio in the reverse
direction. This was caused by the forward sample being used to save in the
reverse audio file. This was solved in file gtk/rtp-analysis.c with revision
25961, which was applied to the development tree. The change looks something
like this:

- sample = ulaw2linear(*f_pd);
+ sample = ulaw2linear(*r_pd);

Now, since this change is a bug fix it was requested to be ported to the
maintenance tree, which was done with revision 26035. If you look at this
revision and the change it made to the file involved, it looks perfectly oke.
Unfortunately it's misplaced. 

The maintenance release version of rtp_analysis.c is somewhat different from
the version in the development tree. So when the fix from the development tree
is applied to the maintenance tree, the patch utility has to search and make an
educated guess on where to apply the fix. Since the code for the
FORWARD_DIRECTION looks identical to the REVERSE_DIRECTION the patch utility
applied the fix to the FORWARD_DIRECTION case, i.s.o. the intended location,

Now what we end up with is the original fault (the REVERSE_DIRECTION saving
forward samples) and a new fault (the FORWARD_DIRECTION saving reverse

We simply need to swap these around, but the maintenance release is out, and
that is a pity.

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