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Wireshark-announce: [Wireshark-announce] Wireshark 4.0.5 is now available

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From: Wireshark announcements <wireshark-announce@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 12 Apr 2023 12:41:47 -0700
I'm proud to announce the release of Wireshark 4.0.5.

 What is Wireshark?

  Wireshark is the world’s most popular network protocol analyzer. It is
  used for troubleshooting, analysis, development and education.

 What’s New

  We do not ship official 32-bit Windows packages for Wireshark 4.0 and
  later. If you need to use Wireshark on that platform, we recommend
  using the latest 3.6 release. Issue 17779[1]

  If you’re running Wireshark on macOS and upgraded to macOS 13 from an
  earlier version, you will likely have to open and run the “Uninstall
  ChmodBPF” package, then open and run “Install ChmodBPF” in order to
  reset the ChmodBPF Launch Daemon. Issue 18734[2].

  Bug Fixes

   The following vulnerabilities have been fixed:

     • wnpa-sec-2023-09[3] RPCoRDMA dissector crash. Issue 18852[4].

     • wnpa-sec-2023-10[6] LISP dissector large loop. Issue 18900[7].

     • wnpa-sec-2023-11[9] GQUIC dissector crash Issue 18947[10].

   The following bugs have been fixed:

     • Wireshark ITS Dissector RTCMEM wrong protocol version selector 2
       - should use 1. Issue 18862[12].

     • Wireshark treats the letter E in SSRC as an exponential
       representation of a number. Issue 18879[13].

     • VNC RRE Parser skips over data. Issue 18883[14].

     • sshdump coredump when --remote-interface is left empty. Issue

     • Fuzz job crash output: fuzz-2023-03-17-7298.pcap. Issue

     • Fuzz job crash output: fuzz-2023-03-27-7564.pcap. Issue

     • RFC8925 support (dhcp option 108) Issue 18943[18].

     • DIS dissector shows an incorrect state in the packet list info
       column. Issue 18967[19].

     • RTP analysis shows incorrect timestamp error when timestamp is
       rolled over. Issue 18973[20].

     • Asterisk (*) key crash on Endpoint/Conversation dialog. Issue

     • The RTP player waveform now synchronizes better with audio.

  New and Updated Features

   There are no new or updated features in this release.

  Removed Features and Support

  New Protocol Support

   There are no new protocols in this release.

  Updated Protocol Support

   802.11, ITS, LAPD, netfilter, netlink-route, netlink-sock_diag,
   nl80211, RLC, RPCoRDMA, RTPS, SCTP, SMB, UDS, VNC, and WCP

  New and Updated Capture File Support

   There is no new or updated capture file support in this release.

   Netmon and NetScaler

  New File Format Decoding Support

   There is no new or updated file format support in this release.

 Getting Wireshark

  Wireshark source code and installation packages are available from

  Vendor-supplied Packages

   Most Linux and Unix vendors supply their own Wireshark packages. You
   can usually install or upgrade Wireshark using the package management
   system specific to that platform. A list of third-party packages can
   be found on the download page[22] on the Wireshark web site.

 File Locations

  Wireshark and TShark look in several different locations for
  preference files, plugins, SNMP MIBS, and RADIUS dictionaries. These
  locations vary from platform to platform. You can use "Help › About
  Wireshark › Folders" or `tshark -G folders` to find the default
  locations on your system.

 Getting Help

  The User’s Guide, manual pages and various other documentation can be
  found at https://www.wireshark.org/docs/

  Community support is available on Wireshark’s Q&A site[23] and on the
  wireshark-users mailing list. Subscription information and archives
  for all of Wireshark’s mailing lists can be found on the web site[24].

  Bugs and feature requests can be reported on the issue tracker[25].

  You can learn protocol analysis and meet Wireshark’s developers at

 How You Can Help

  The Wireshark Foundation helps as many people as possible understand
  their networks as much as possible. You can find out more and donate
  at wiresharkfoundation.org[27].

 Frequently Asked Questions

  A complete FAQ is available on the Wireshark web site[28].


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wireshark-4.0.5.tar.xz: 41401932 bytes

Wireshark-win64-4.0.5.exe: 78786632 bytes

Wireshark-win64-4.0.5.msi: 52408320 bytes

WiresharkPortable64_4.0.5.paf.exe: 45552584 bytes

Wireshark 4.0.5 Arm 64.dmg: 64609596 bytes
SHA256(Wireshark 4.0.5 Arm 64.dmg)=9e1fe26810cafa7717cbb7e09e4534eeddd6de0699eed365e355309a4c5f9801
SHA1(Wireshark 4.0.5 Arm 64.dmg)=b2ae4923db58bc859a81d34c4bc787abebf53d81

Wireshark 4.0.5 Intel 64.dmg: 68094828 bytes
SHA256(Wireshark 4.0.5 Intel 64.dmg)=83c1962d7b0293adcfb4aaeff93ea2bf4970e124425e0aba33f90c840d210145
SHA1(Wireshark 4.0.5 Intel 64.dmg)=5f738fc11785f57211cf054692c4ba8e83dbd1c3

You can validate these hashes using the following commands (among others):

    Windows: certutil -hashfile Wireshark-win64-x.y.z.exe SHA256
    Linux (GNU Coreutils): sha256sum wireshark-x.y.z.tar.xz
    macOS: shasum -a 256 "Wireshark x.y.z Arm 64.dmg"
    Other: openssl sha256 wireshark-x.y.z.tar.xz

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