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Ethereal-users: Re: [Ethereal-users] virus in ethereal setup download?

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From: Lars Roland <lars.roland@xxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 07 Mar 2005 20:22:49 +0100
Gerald Combs schrieb:
Thomas Bennett wrote:

Dear sirs,

While I realize that it is possible for antivirus programs can give false positives, I thought I should notify you of this having not found information on your WEB site about it. My antivirus program flags ethereal-setup-0.10.9.exe, that I downloaded from, as having a virus named: W32/Bancos.GL. This is only since my antivirus, Command Antivirus from Authentium, was updated today 03/07/05. The only info I can find on this is at and it only indicates that it can identify that virus.

I scanned the file with Symantec Antivirus using a freshly updated
definition file (3/7/2005 rev. 7), and it didn't detect any viruses in
the file.  The free online scanners from Trend Micro, Panda,
BitDefender, and RAV also turned up negative.  It looks like a false
positive, but it would be nice if Authentium support could confirm this
either way.  The 0.10.9 Windows installer has been downloaded over
100,000 times from the main site alone.  If it contains a virus, we
_really_ need to know about it.

Wouldn't be the first false positive of a virus scanner on an ethereal installer. I had one some time ago with an installer built by myself, too. A scanner update fixed that. Regarding 0.10.9 installer I can confirm that H+BEDV and Sophos don't detect a virus in the installer.