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From: Graeme Hewson <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 19:41:09 +0100
Ulf Lamping wrote:

We have version1.92 now...

Please continue reviewing ...
OK, here are some comments.

General comment: Is there a way to prevent URLs from being split across
lines in the generated PDF? There are several examples of the text

   ........... can be found at: ht-

Foreword: suggest changing "an effort of the Ethereal team" to
"an effort by the Ethereal team".

Preface 2: change "As Ethereal is becoming a very complex program since
the early days" to "As Ethereal has become a very complex program since
the early days" or simply, "As Ethereal is a very complex program".

Preface 2: change "the advanced features that's maybe not that obvious"
to "the advanced features that are maybe not that obvious".

Preface 3: insert "providing" before "funding to do this documentation".

1.1.3 suggest: "Despite its name, Ethereal can capture traffic from
network media other than Ethernet."

1.1.4 run-on sentence. "capture programs. For a list of input formats"

1.1.5 run-on sentence. "For a list of output formats"

1.1.6 run-on sentence. "for a great many protocols: see Appendix B"

1.1.8 change "or doing other active things" to "or do other active

1.1.8 change "name resolutions" to "name resolution".

1.5 paragraph 5: insert "and" before "started looking at it"

1.5 paragraph 6: change "became" to "has become"

1.7.1 change "Before sending any mails" to "Before sending any mail"

1.7.1 remove comma in "keep in mind, that a lot of people"

1.7.1 remove comma in "You will find the FAQ inside Ethereal, by

1.7.2 ethereal-users: run-on sentence. change "Ethereal, others" to
"Ethereal; others"

1.7.2 Tip: change "You can search in the list archives, if someone" to
"You can search in the list archives to see if someone"

1.7.3 suggest inserting "please" before "make sure"

1.7.3 change "a lot of people on the list which are not related to your
specific problem" to "people on the list who are not interested in your
specific problem"

1.7.4 change "(beside the information" to "(besides the information"

1.7.4 "cut -f' ' -d2" should be "cut -d' ' -f2". Is there any particular
reason to use "whereis", though? Simpler would be "which", as in:

gdb `which ethereal` core >& bt.txt

Add note that the backtrace command won't be echoed.

1.7.5 second sentence: "For this reason it's not possible to create a
meaningful backtrace file from a binary distribution."

Appendix D: "This Documents" should be "This Document's".