Ethereal-dev: Re: [Ethereal-dev] Again patches for nmake makefiles

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From: "Olivier Biot" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 09:27:53 +0200
From: Lars Roland

| Hello all,
| Many people have recently reported many problems with the nmake
| build process. It seems that these problems come from using
| epan/makefile.nmake to compile the DISSECTOR_SUPPORT_SOURCES
| which are located in /trunk.
| Nmake from MSVC6 puts the object code of the
| DISSECTOR_SUPPORT_SOURCES in /epan although Nmake expects the
| object code in /trunk when it checkes dependencies.
| Thus DISSECTOR_SUPPORT_OBJECTS are built every
| time even when they are already there.
| Nmake Version 1.5 (MSVC 2003 Toolkit) puts the object code of the
| DISSECTOR_SUPPORT_SOURCES in /trunk instead.
| This makes it impossible to use epan/makefile.nmake for compiling
| the DISSECTOR_SUPPORT_SOURCES and to make it work for both versions
| of nmake.
| We have to use /trunk/makefile.nmake for compiling the
| DISSECTOR_SUPPORT_SOURCES to solve these issues.
| Patch is attached.
| It should also be possible to build ethereal without libethereal.dll
| again.
| Please check in.

Checked in and verified to work (at least without debug symbols).

| Once we have moved all DISSECTOR_SUPPORT_SOURCES into a subdirectory
| of epan we can get rid of this patchwork in the nmake makefiles.

Let's try not to forget this!

Best regards,