Ethereal-dev: Re: [Ethereal-dev] Is there any document about how to develop a newdissector?

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From: "Martin Regner" <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004 08:49:28 +0200
Title: Is there any document about how to develop a new dissector?


Da-Peng Hu wrote:

<I am a new user of Ethereal and I want to add a new plug-in of NbUP protocol to test our products.

<So I need a guide to tell me how to develop a new dissector in

<Ethereal. I have downloaded developer-guide from the webpage of ethereal, but it is totally empty!

<Anyone has some documents similar with developer-guide? Is there any forums for Ethereal?


Download the source code and start to look at doc/README.developer

If you want to make the dissector as a plugin instead of a built-in dissector you should *also* look at doc/README.plugins

After you have done that you can have a look at some different dissectors /epan/dissectors/packet-XXX.c

and maybe also some plugins /plugins/XXXX/packet-XXX.c


You could maybe try to find some dissector for a protocol that is similar to the protocol you want to implement.