Ethereal-dev: Re: [Ethereal-dev] PATCH - Allow editcap to report # of packets in file

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From: Ian Schorr <[email protected]>
Date: Tue, 27 Jul 2004 19:29:44 -0400
Is there any reason why this wasn't checked in when first submitted? Since it wasn't rejected I'm guessing it was overlooked.
I'm reviewing it now.

Personally, I'm not so much interested in a splitcap that will allow me to split based on IP address, tcp port, etc (I'd rather use tethereal+display filters which is a LOT more powerful), I'm interested in a utility that will allow me to split based on time interval (which this does), on size in # of packets or in # of bytes (which this doesn't do), into a fixed number of captures, etc.
I'm thinking about updating the original code, adding additional 
splitting features and resubmitting.  ...Unless you want to do this, 

On Jul 27, 2004, at 2:12 PM, Graeme Hewson wrote:

Ian Schorr wrote:

If I get some time this week I'd also like to re-build a "splitcap" tool, which I believe DOES make sense to build separately.
See my effort at 


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