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From: Ulf Lamping <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 08:59:48 +0200
[email protected] wrote:

"gtk/color_filters.c" code (the goal is to remove as many of the toolkit
dependencies as possible from that code, and move it to the top-level
Is it a good goal to put these files into the top-level dir?

As there is still a lot of stuff in the top-level dir, putting these gui related files into it makes it *very* hard to get an idea, which files are gui related at all.
This might "cure" if we put other parts of Ethereal into seperate dirs, 
like the move of the capture things I've suggested earlier (but didn't 
had the time to do it).
We might want to have seperate dirs for ethereal (including all ethereal 
gui specifics and the gtk dir) / tethereal / mergecap / ...
IMHO, this would also clarify the makefiles, as currently a lot of 
things are concentrated in the toplevel makefile(s).

But there might also be a better structure to seperate things, so please comment.
Regards, ULFL