Ethereal-dev: Re: [Ethereal-dev] Two further issues in 0.10.5

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From: Ulf Lamping <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 22:21:30 +0200
Stuart MacDonald wrote:

From: [email protected] On Behalf Of Ulf Lamping
Stuart MacDonald wrote:
Bug #11: Start capture dialog sometimes not centered.
Severity: Low
Effect: User annoyance, workaround available
Steps to Reproduce:
- start Ethereal
- ctrl-k to bring up the Start Capture dialog
- notice that occassionally the dialogue is partially off screen
- notice that when starting the capture, the Stats dialog correctly
places itself in relative terms to the Start dialog, which is also
partially off screen

Well, that's not a bug, but intentional. A new dialog window will be opened at the current mouse position, not at the middle of the screen (like before). This might result in a partially hidden/shown dialog.
This will reduce "mouse travelling" on large screens a lot.
Ah. Interesting. Now that I know that the behaviour is sensical.

May I suggest that the dialogs be repositioned ever so slightly as to
not be off-screen?
Well, you may suggest ;-) However, I don't know, if GTK provides an easy way to handle this :-(
Off-screen means having to grab the dialog, drag it
until it's full-view and then hit the buttons. Which is more mousing,
not less.

I agree. As I'm usually using the menu or toolbar, I didn't realized the problem before, as the dialog won't be clipped at the top or left (only at the bottom or right).
Bug #12: Closing a minimised Ethereal doesn't work properly
Severity: Unknown
Effect: Error dialogue pops up, but otherwise everything
seems to work
Steps to Reproduce:
- turn on "Asked for unsaved buffers" option
- capture some packets
- minimise the main window
- right-click the taskbar button and select close
- notice the error box that pops up

Asking for the unsaved capture file requires that the main window isn't minimized (GTK2 only). In order to prevent that, I have added a call to present the main window in that case, as this sounds resonable.

I'll ask that the dialog be popped up only, with the main window
remaining as is. Although this is one of those GTK issues that will be
saved for later. Also, the main window would have to remain
manipulatable, as the dialog might pop up, and then you need to see
the capture before making the decision.
I don't agree on that.

If you tell a program to close itself, and it has data to be saved before closing, it *has* to be deiconified in that case immediately,
showing both the data to be saved and the question if it should saved it.

You have ask the program for attention, so it is reasonable to be popped up in that case.
As only popping up a dialog box "Should I save your data" *will* be 
confusing, especially if you are running more than one Ethereal instance.
Regards, ULFL