Ethereal-dev: RE: [Ethereal-dev] Bugs in 0.10.5

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From: "Stuart MacDonald" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 13:39:17 -0400
From: [email protected] On Behalf Of Ulf Lamping
> Stuart MacDonald wrote:
> > Bug #1 is fixed, thanks. Now when the "click Ok" step happens, the
> > main Ethereal window maximises, and the Capture Stats 
> dialog displays.
> No. We use gtk_window_present to bring up a window when it 
> has to. This 
> is the recommended way for GTK/GNOME, and it should be done 
> in the cases 
> you describe.

That's my point though; the main window does not have to be brought up
at that point in time. It should be left as is if at all possible.
Note that this is a usability viewpoint; there may be valid technical
reasons that the window must be brought up at this point, like a
poorly designed GTK library. If so, could someone elucidate?

> BTW: This is really a question of personal like/dislike.

I'll partially agree, but it's also a case of the app doing what the
user told it to, instead of what it feels like. I prefer apps that do
what I tell them to. If I say minimise, stay minimised until further
notice. And yes, my preference applies to *all* events. I feel there
is no valid reason an app should jump to the front of my desktop and
grab the focus. Ever. I like the Windows XP method of flashing the
taskbar if there's something that requires your attention, this is
non-intrusive and will not cause failures in whatever else you happen
to be doing at that time. Bringing a window to the front can, will and
does disrupt your work.

> > <>Bug #2 seems to be fixed, thanks. However, Ethereal is 
> still using MAC
> > style context menu processing. The right-click menu pops up 
> I've tried to change it, but with the current event handling 
> this seems 
> to be *very* hard.
> BTW: I don't have a problem with the current behaviour.

I don't either, but it could be confusing for less technically
inclined users. I'd even expect them to grok it pretty quickly, but
the point remains that Ethereal does not follow the standard
conventions established by the OS upon which it runs. In general this
is very bad design practice.

As a comparison, I notice that the "Help menu bar item right justified
instead of at the end of the items on the menu bar" issue has been
resolved. Why? I'm betting user complaints due to not following the
established OS conventions.

> As desribe earlier, the problems in the GTK toolkit can't be 
> changed by 
> us, so don't expect any changes soon on this.

I understand. However, at the moment reporting bugs and checking if
they are fixed in new releases is the only way I have of contributing
to Ethereal, so don't expect me to stop reporting these anytime soon.
I forsee a time when Ethereal has few bugs left, and there is time for
the developers to lean on the GTK people to fix their libraries.

Although, I will in the future create a separate category at the for
things that are suspected GK issues, and leave it until the end of the

I've no ill will, just a wish to help improve a great product.