Ethereal-dev: [Ethereal-dev] Bugs in 0.10.5

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From: "Stuart MacDonald" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 11:52:30 -0400
I reported the following bugs recently for
Ethereal: 0.10.4
Interface: GTK2
OS: Windows XP

They are still present in
Ethereal: 0.10.5
Interface: GTK2
OS: Windows XP

Bug #5: Toolbar Buttons Sometimes Unresponsive
Severity: Low
Effect: User confusion until they figure out the workaround. Has
Steps to Reproduce:
- right click a packet in the packet list so the context menu appears
- change your mind and left click a toolbar button
- notice context menu disappears
- left click button again, *without moving the mouse off the button*
- notice it has no effect
- left click again
- notice it has no effect
- move mouse to somewhere else
- move mouse to toolbar button
- left click
- button now works as normal
GUIs have seemed to have one of two ways of dealing with this.
1: The first left click merely dismisses the context menu, and is not
   passed on to the toolbar button underneath. You are required to
   click a second time to activate the button.
2: The first left click dismisses the menu *and* activates the button.
Ethereal takes a third method:
3: Left click dismisses context menu. All subsequent clicks fail to
activate button, *until* mouse is moved off-button and back on-button.
This odd behaviour does *not* affect the menu bar, but does affect the
column headers in the packet list, and the display filter buttons at
the bottom.
Seems to be GTK2 related, does not happen with GTK1.

Bug #6: Canceling a Parse Crashes Ethereal
Severity: High
Effect: Lost user data. No workaround.
Steps to Reproduce:
- when a large capture is parsing the progress dialog appears
- click cancel
- notice that Ethereal exits entirely
This is reproducible, but I don't have a solid test case yet.
Sometimes it happens, sometimes it doesn't.
I haven't seen this in 0.10.5 yet, however, it's present in 0.10.4,
0.10.3 and 0.9.13a.

Bug #7: Graphical Corruption
Severity: Low
Effect: Occassionally the pane has graphical artifacts left lying
        around. An annoyance, but has a workaround.
Steps to Reproduce:
- grab a pane divider bar and wiggle it around some
- notice that the packet list and/or the pane divider itself leaves
  uncleared remenants. See attached screen shot.
I haven't seen this before, and regularly resize the panes, so it is
likely new to 0.10.4.

Bug #9: Drop Down List Displayed Incorrectly
Severity: Low
Effect: List looks funny. Has a workaround.
Steps to Reproduce:
- Edit -> Preferences -> User Interface -> Columns -> Properties ->
  Format drop down list
- notice that when it displays there's a large empty area at the top
- using the scroll arrow at the bottom shows that the display size is
  calculated as if all the entries were shown, even though they

I am reporting the following bugs for the first time in 0.10.4:

Bug #10: Edit preferences bug crashes Ethereal
Severity: Medium
Effect: Preferences are not saved, possible lose of unsaved capture
Steps to Reproduce:
- Edit -> Preferences
- click into the '"Open Recent" max. list entries:' field
- click Apply
- the error below appears, and after clicking Ok Ethereal exits
Error text: 
"Gtk-ERROR **: file gtkentry.c: line 4571 (blink_cb): assertion
failed: (GTK_WIDGET_HAS_FOCUS (entry)) aborting..."
The console also says:
"(ethereal.exe:796): Gtk-WARNING **: GtkEntry - did not receive
focus-out-event. If you
connect a handler to this signal, it must return
FALSE so the entry gets the event as well"

I reported the following bugs, but they are now fixed in 0.10.5:

> Bug #1: Disappearing Capture Stats Dialog
> Severity: High
> Effect: Ethereal cannot be quit except via the Task Manager -> End
>       Process method
> Steps to Reproduce:
> - <ctrl-k> to get the Capture Options dialog
> - click the minimise button *on the main window*, not the dialog box
> - notice the Ethereal main window minimises but the Capture Options
>   dialog does not
> - click Ok
> - notice capture starts, but there is no Capture Stats dialog, which
>   also means there's no Stop Capture button

> Bug #2: Packet List Context Menu Sometimes "Autoclicks" First Item
> Severity: Low
> Effect: Infrequently you'll get a Follow TCP Stream that you didn't
>         want, and will have to quit out if it and manually clear the
>         display filter list. An annoyance, but has a workaround.
> Steps to Reproduce:
> First method:
> - start Ethereal 0.10.4
> - load the attached capture di.eth, or capture a new one, or
>   whatever. This step has no effect on the problem.
> - right click a packet in the packet list that isn't the currently
>   selected packet list.
> - notice that the Follow TCP Stream option has been invoked
>   automatically
> Second method:
> - right click any packet in the packet list, and hold the mouse button
>   for a period of several seconds
> - context menu appears while button is held (not standard Windows
>   behaviour)
> - optionally scroll around the context menu
> - release the mouse button
> - notice this activates the selected menu item

> Bug #3: Improper Window Layering
> Severity: Low
> Effect: You don't get the main Ethereal window when you thought you
>         would, and have to <alt-tab> to it. An annoyance, but has a
>         workaround.
> Steps to Reproduce:
> - start a capture
> - <alt-tab> to a different application
> - <alt-tab> back to Ethereal's Capture Stats dialog
> - stop capture
> - notice that the other app pops to the front instead of the main
>   Ethereal window

> Bug #4: Prompt to Save Capture Not Configurable
> Severity: Low
> Effect: Extra clicking. Has workaround.
> Steps to Reproduce:
> - capture a capture
> - start a new capture
> - notice the Save Capture dialog pops up

These are some feature requests I have for 0.10.6:

Bug #1 is fixed, thanks. Now when the "click Ok" step happens, the
main Ethereal window maximises, and the Capture Stats dialog displays.
Is it possible to get the Capture Stats dialog to display normally 
while leaving the main window minimised? Also, hitting Stop causes the
main window to maximise. Could it be left as is?

Bug #2 seems to be fixed, thanks. However, Ethereal is still using MAC
style context menu processing. The right-click menu pops up as soon as
the right down-click happens. Standard windows behaviour is to wait
until the following right up-click happens before displaying the menu.


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