Ethereal-dev: Re: [Ethereal-dev] problem with mergecap -w option

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From: "Ulf Lamping" <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 12 Jul 2004 13:08:51 +0200
-----Ursprüngliche Nachricht (HTML) wurde als Anlage beigefügt.----- Von: Ethereal development Gesendet: 12.07.04 12:33:19 An: "Ulf Lamping" Betreff: Re: [Ethereal-dev] problem with mergecap -w option Well, I've did some changes to the merge stuff, and didn't tested mergecap deeply... So there might be new bugs in the 0.10.5 version, I will have a look later today. Regards, ULFL

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Von:Ethereal development
Gesendet:12.07.04 12:33:19
An:"Ulf Lamping" <[email protected]>
Betreff:Re: [Ethereal-dev] problem with mergecap -w option
Hello Developers,
 I am working in HP-UX platform.
 I am using the 0.10.5 ethereal version                           
 I have a problem with the -w  option of mergecap.
Capture five packets
# tethereal -c 5 -w one.cap
Capturing on lan0
Capture five packets
# tethereal -c 5 -w two.cap
Capturing on lan0
Combine using mergecalp
# mergecap -w three.cap one.cap two.cap
mergecap: couldn't open output file
But if  this file already exists it works fine
touch three.cap
mergecap -w three.cap one.cap two.cap
tethereal -r three.cap
  1   0.000000 -> TELNET Telnet Data ...
  2   0.000133 ->  TELNET Telnet Data ...
  3   0.000194 ->  TELNET Telnet Data ...
  4   0.000254 ->  TELNET Telnet Data ...
  5   0.000297 ->  TELNET Telnet Data ...
  6   5.911928 ->  TELNET [TCP Previous segment lost] Telnet Data ...
  7   5.912043 ->  TELNET Telnet Data ...
  8   5.912089 ->  TELNET Telnet Data ...
  9   5.912133 ->  TELNET Telnet Data ...
 10   5.912178 ->  TELNET Telnet Data ...
        Am i going wrong somewhere or is this a problem with the new version


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