Ethereal-dev: Re: [Ethereal-dev] 0.10.4 & 0.10.5 Compile failure on Fedora Core 2

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From: Guy Harris <[email protected]>
Date: Sat, 10 Jul 2004 01:43:10 -0700
On Sat, Jul 10, 2004 at 10:36:33AM +0200, Gisle Vanem wrote:
> >From it's FAQ: "for host resources mib support".

Which says:

  Note that this will only affect you if you are trying to compile in
  the host resources mib support, as it'll try to use the rpm libraries
  which will in turn require that libelf.a or be present.

which raises the question "so why does it use the rpm libraries for
support for the host resources MIB?", and the futher question "what are
the rpm libraries" - I'm not sure why an SNMP library would need
libraries for dealing with RPMs at all, much less requiring them to get
parameters such as system uptime, but maybe the rpm libraries are
something other than libraries to access RPMs.

(I.e., why would an SNMP library need to know either about object file
formats or software binary package formats?)