Ethereal-dev: [Ethereal-dev] decoding packets

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From: "Brian Burrows" <[email protected]>
Date: Wed, 07 Jul 2004 15:26:45 -0700
I am working on a small app in an effort to learn more about packets, sockets and such.
I can now capture packets as binary or hex using tjescomponents winpcap wrapper for borland builder. I ca nput them into char arrays or strings with no drama.

I need some sample code showing how to decode the packets, for instance to tell what kind of packets they are, and how big they are etc. I can determin the source, and dest from the first 12, then 12 bytes.

I am particularly interested in decoding bootp and dhcp packets. Breaking them apart to their individual fields.

It does not have to be winpcap, just a way to decode a binary or hex packet dump. I would really appreciate anything you can share. Links are good too. If it makes a difference I am using borland c++ 6. Please fee free to email me directly at [email protected]. Thanks in advance