Ethereal-dev: [Ethereal-dev] PDML output: unhandled exception

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From: Thomas Hirsch <[email protected]>
Date: Mon, 05 Jul 2004 14:11:33 +0200
Hello list,

I have stumbled on an unhandled exception in tethereal 0.10.4. It occurs
both in the current release and in the current CVS version. 

It occurs when I try to dissect the attached trace snippet on packet #12

> tethereal -r -T pdml 
Unhandled exception ("XCEPT_GROUP_ETHEREAL", group=1, code=1)

tethereal can parse the packet file when using text or ps output.

The last output on stdout is 
  <proto name="edonkey" showname="eDonkey Protocol" size="82" pos="58">
    <field name="edonkey.message" showname="eDonkey Message" \
size="10270" pos="58

I could attach debugging information, if you can give me a hint how to
produce it. I am not very familiar with gdb and currently fail since gdb
complains that ./tethereal is not the actual executable but a wrapper
script. But I think that you are faster reproducing the information
using the attached file.

I am using
tethereal 0.10.4
Compiled with GLib 2.4.2, with libpcap 0.7.2, with libz,
with libpcre 4.5, without UCD-SNMP or Net-SNMP, with ADNS.
Running with libpcap (version unknown) on Linux 2.4.16.

Linux version 2.4.16 (gcc version 2.95.4 (Debian prerelease)) #11 SMP
Tue Jan 29 17:41:01 CET 2002

Thanks and 
Best regards, 


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