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From: Tomas Kukosa <[email protected]>
Date: Thu, 01 Jul 2004 10:49:42 +0200
  the patch for all plugins is attached.
If HAVE_LIBETHEREALDLL is defined then all plugins use libethereal instead of plugin address table.

Lars Roland wrote:
Guy Harris schrieb:

Tomas Kukosa said:

It is necessary to update the plugin_api.h file too.
Without that change it can not be compiled on Windows.

Checked in.

Are we ready to build libethereal.dll, and install it, on Windows, and get
rid of the plugin API table stuff, so that we only have to update
epan/libethereal.def when a new function has to be exported to plugins?

We would have to drop support for building ethereal without libethereal.dll on Windows as libethereal.dll is required by the plugins, when building without the old API.
This would be OK for me. What do other MSVC users think?

Anyway, before we can get rid of the plugin API table, we have to patch all plugins to make them able to use libethereal.dll. Currently only the mgcp plugin has support for it and it isn't used by default.
Unfortunately I don't have any time to work on ethereal right now. :( 
However I think this can wait.

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