2.7. Troubleshooting during the install on Unix

A number of errors can occur during the installation process. Some hints on solving these are provided here.

If the configure stage fails you will need to find out why. You can check the file config.log in the source directory to find out what failed. The last few lines of this file should help in determining the problem.

The standard problems are that you do not have a required development package on your system or that the development package isn’t new enough. Note that installing a library package isn’t enough. You need to install its development package as well. configure will also fail if you do not have libpcap (at least the required include files) on your system.

If you cannot determine what the problems are, send an email to the wireshark-dev mailing list explaining your problem. Include the output from config.log and anything else you think is relevant such as a trace of the make stage.