10.2. Example: Creating a Menu with Lua

The code below adds a menu "Lua Dialog Test" under the Tools menu. When selected, it opens a dialog prompting the user for input and then opens a text window with the output.

-- Define the menu entry's callback
local function dialog_menu()
    local function dialog_func(person,eyes,hair)
        local window = TextWindow.new("Person Info");
        local message = string.format("Person %s with %s eyes and %s hair.", person, eyes, hair);

    new_dialog("Dialog Test",dialog_func,"A Person","Eyes","Hair")

-- Create the menu entry
register_menu("Lua Dialog Test",dialog_menu,MENU_TOOLS_UNSORTED)

-- Notify the user that the menu was created
if gui_enabled() then
   local splash = TextWindow.new("Hello!");
   splash:set("Wireshark has been enhanced with a useless feature.\n")
   splash:append("Go to 'Tools->Lua Dialog Test' and check it out!")