14.5. Command Line Syntax

ASN.1 to Wireshark dissector compiler

  asn2wrs [-h|?] [-d dbg] [-b] [-p proto] [-c cnf_file] [-e] input_file(s) ...
    -h|?          : Usage
    -b            : BER (default is PER)
    -u            : Unaligned (default is aligned)
    -p proto      : Protocol name (implies -S). Default is module-name
                    from input_file (renamed by #.MODULE if present)
    -o name       : Output files name core (default is <proto>)
    -O dir        : Output directory for dissector
    -c cnf_file   : Conformance file
    -I path       : Path for conformance file includes
    -e            : Create conformance file for exported types
    -E            : Just create conformance file for exported types
    -S            : Single output for multiple modules
    -s template   : Single file output (template is input file
                    without .c/.h extension)
    -k            : Keep intermediate files though single file output is used
    -L            : Suppress #line directive from .cnf file
    -D dir        : Directory for input_file(s) (default: '.')
    -C            : Add check for SIZE constraints
    -r prefix     : Remove the prefix from type names

    input_file(s) : Input ASN.1 file(s)

    -d dbg        : Debug output, dbg = [l][y][p][s][a][t][c][m][o]
                    l - lex
                    y - yacc
                    p - parsing
                    s - internal ASN.1 structure
                    a - list of assignments
                    t - tables
                    c - conformance values
                    m - list of compiled modules with dependency
                    o - list of output files