4.9. Python

Python is an interpreted programming language. It is used to generate some source files, documenation, and other tasks. Python 2.5 or later (including Python 3) should work fine and Python 3 is recommended. It may be required in the future.

Python is either included or available as a package on most UNIX-like platforms. Windows packages and source are available at http://python.org/download/. The Cygwin Python package is not recommended since /usr/bin/python is a symbolic link, which causes confusion outside Cygwin.

You can also use Chocolatey to install Python:

PS:\> choco install Python3


PS:\> choco install Python2

Chocolatey installs Python into C:\tools\python3 or C:\tools\python2 by default. You can verify your Python version by running

$ python --version

on UNIX-like platforms and

rem Official package
C:> cd python35
C:Python35> python --version

rem Chocolatey
C:> cd \tools\python3
C:\tools\python3> python --version

on Windows. You should see something like

Python 3.5.1

Your version string may vary of course.