4.9. Python

Python is an interpreted programming language. It is used to generate some source files, documentation, testing and other tasks. Python 3.6 and later is required. Python 2 is no longer supported.

Python is either included or available as a package on most UNIX-like platforms. Windows packages and source are available at https://python.org/download/.

You can also use Chocolatey to install Python:

PS:\> choco install python3

Chocolatey installs Python into C:\Python37 by default. You can verify your Python version by running

$ python3 --version

on UNIX-like platforms and

rem Official package
C:> cd python35
C:Python35> python --version

rem Chocolatey
C:> cd \tools\python3
C:\tools\python3> python --version

on Windows. You should see something like

Python 3.5.1

Your version string may vary of course.