4.2. Chocolatey

Chocolatey is a Windows package manager that can be used to install (and update) many of the packages required for Wireshark development. Chocolatey can be obtained from the website or from a Command Prompt:

C:\>@powershell -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy unrestricted -Command "iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(_https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1_))" && SET PATH=%PATH%;%ALLUSERSPROFILE%\chocolatey\bin

or a Powershell prompt:

PS:\>iex ((new-object net.webclient).DownloadString(_https://chocolatey.org/install.ps1_))

Chocolatey sometimes installs packages in unexpected locations. Python is a notable example. While it’s typically installed in a top-level directory, e.g. C:\Python37 or in %PROGRAMFILES%, e.g. C:\Program Files\Python37, Chocolatey tends to install it under C:\ProgramData\chocolatey or C:\Tools. If you want to avoid this behavior you’ll probabaly want to install Python using the packages from python.org.