3.6. Run generated Wireshark

[Tip]Beware of multiple Wiresharks

An already installed Wireshark may interfere with your newly generated version in various ways. If you have any problems getting your Wireshark running the first time, it might be a good idea to remove the previously installed version first.

3.6.1. Unix-like platforms

After a successful build you can run Wireshark right from the build directory. Still the program would need to know that it’s being run from the build directory and not from its install location. This has an impact on the directories where the program can find the other parts and relevant data files.

In order to run the Wireshark from the build directory set the environment variable WIRESHARK_RUN_FROM_BUILD_DIRECTORY and run Wireshark. If your platform is properly setup, your build directory and current working directory are not in your PATH, so the command line to launch Wireshark would be:


There’s no need to run Wireshark as root user, you just won’t be able to capture. When you opt to run Wireshark this way, your terminal output can be informative when things don’t work as expected.

3.6.2. Windows native

During the build all relevant program files are collected in a subdirectory run\RelWithDebInfo. You can run the program from there by launching the Wireshark.exe executable.