3.12. Mime Types

Wireshark uses various mime-types for dragging dropping as well as file formats. This chapter gives an overview over all the mimetypes being used, as well as the data format in which data has to be provided for each individual mimetype.

If not otherwise stated, the data is encoded as a JSON Object.

3.12.1. Display Filter

MimeType: application/vnd.wireshark.displayfilter

Display filters are being dragged and dropped by utilizing this mime type.

        "filter": "udp.port == 8080",
        "field": "udp.port",
        "description": "UDP Port"

3.12.2. Coloring Rules

MimeType: application/vnd.wireshark.coloringrules

Coloring Rules are being used for dragging and dropping color rules inside the coloring rules dialog.

        "coloringrules" :
                        "disabled": false,
                        "name": "UDP Ports for 8080",
                        "filter": "udp.port == 8080",
                        "foreground": "[0x0000, 0x0000, 0x0000]",
                        "background": "[0xFFFF, 0xFFFF, 0xFFFF]"

3.12.3. Filter List

MimeType: application/vnd.wireshark.filterlist

Internal Use only - used on the filter list for moving entries within the list

3.12.4. Column List

MimeType: application/vnd.wireshark.columnlist

Internal Use only - used on the column list for moving entries within the list