5.5. GTK+ / GLib / GDK / Pango / ATK / GNU gettext / GNU libiconv

The Glib library is used as a basic platform abstraction library, it’s not related to graphical user interface (GUI) things. For a detailed description about GLib, see Section 7.3, “The GLib library”.

The GTK and its dependent libraries are used to build the older, deprecated, Wireshark GUI. For a detailed description of the GTK libraries, see Section 12.3, “The GTK library”.

All other libraries are dependent on the two libraries mentioned above, you will typically not come in touch with these while doing Wireshark development.

As the requirements for the GLib/GTK libraries have increased in the past, the required additional libraries depend on the GLib/GTK versions you have. The 2.x versions require all mentioned libs.

5.5.1. Unix

The GLib/GTK+ libraries are available for many unix-like platforms and Cygwin.

If these libraries aren’t already installed and also aren’t available as a package for your platform, you can get them at http://www.gtk.org/download.html.

5.5.2. Win32 MSVC

You can get the latest version at http://www.gtk.org/download.html.