etwdump [ --help ] [ --version ] [ --extcap-interfaces ] [ --extcap-dlts ] [ --extcap-interface=<interface> ] [ --extcap-config ] [ --capture ] [ --fifo=<path to file or pipe> ] [ --iue=<Should undecidable events be included> ] [ --etlfile=<etl file> ] [ --params=<filter parameters> ]


etwdump is a extcap tool that provides access to a event trace log file or an event trace live session. It is only used to display event trace on Windows that includes readable text message and different protocols (like MBIM and IP packets).



Print program arguments.


Print program version.


List available interfaces.


Use specified interfaces.


List DLTs of specified interface.


List configuration options of specified interface.


Start capturing from specified interface save saved it in place specified by --fifo.

--fifo=<path to file or pipe>

Save captured packet to file or send it through pipe.

--iue=<Should undecidable events be included>

Choose if the undecidable event is included.

--etlfile=<Etl file>

Select etl file to display in Wireshark.

--params=<filter parameters>

Input providers, keyword and level filters for the etl file and live session.


To see program arguments:

etwdump --help

To see program version:

etwdump --version

To see interfaces:

etwdump --extcap-interfaces
Example output
interface {value=etwdump}{display=ETW reader}

To see interface DLTs:

etwdump --extcap-interface=etwdump --extcap-dlts
Example output
dlt {number=1}{name=etwdump}{display=DLT_ETW}

To see interface configuration options:

etwdump --extcap-interface=etwdump --extcap-config
Example output
arg {number=0}{call=--etlfile}{display=etl file}{type=fileselect}{tooltip=Select etl file to display in Wireshark}{group=Capture}
arg {number=1}{call=--params}{display=filter parmeters}{type=string}{tooltip=Input providers, keyword and level filters for the etl file and live session}{group=Capture}
arg {number=2}{call=--iue}{display=Should undecidable events be included}{type=boolflag}{default=false}{tooltip=Choose if the undecidable event is included}{group=Capture}

To capture:

etwdump --extcap-interface etwdump --fifo=/tmp/etw.pcapng --capture --params "--p=Microsoft-Windows-Wmbclass-Opn --p=Microsoft-Windows-wmbclass --k=0xff --l=4"
etwdump --extcap-interface etwdump --fifo=/tmp/etw.pcapng --capture --params "--p=Microsoft-Windows-Wmbclass-Opn --p=Microsoft-Windows-NDIS-PacketCapture"
To stop capturing CTRL+C/kill/terminate the application.


wireshark(1), tshark(1), dumpcap(1), extcap(4)


etwdump is part of the Wireshark distribution. The latest version of Wireshark can be found at

HTML versions of the Wireshark project man pages are available at


Original Author

Odysseus Yang <[email protected]>