Display Filter Reference: WiMax FPC Message

Protocol field name: wmx.fpc

Versions: 1.0.0 to 4.2.6

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Field name Description Type Versions
wmx.fpc.basic_cidBasic CIDUnsigned integer (16 bits)1.0.0 to 4.2.6
wmx.fpc.invalid_tlvInvalid TLVByte sequence1.0.0 to 1.8.15
wmx.fpc.number_stationsNumber of stationsUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.0.0 to 4.2.6
wmx.fpc.power_adjustPower AdjustFloating point (single-precision)1.0.0 to 4.2.6
wmx.fpc.power_measurement_framePower measurement frameSigned integer (8 bits)1.0.0 to 4.2.6
wmx.macmgtmsgtype.fpcMAC Management Message TypeUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.0.0 to 1.10.14