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Display Filter Reference: VP9

Protocol field name: vp9

Versions: 4.2.0

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Field name Description Type Versions
vp9.pld.bStart of a frameBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.dInter-layer dependency usedBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.eEnd of a frameBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.fFlexible modeBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.gPG description flagBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.heightHeightUnsigned integer (16 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.iPicture ID presentBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.lLayer indices presentBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.mExtension flagBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.nAdditional reference indexBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.n_gNumber of picturesUnsigned integer (8 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.n_sNumber of spatial layersUnsigned integer (8 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.pInter-picture predicted frameBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.p_diffReference indexUnsigned integer (8 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.pgPicture Group Index (PG)Unsigned integer (8 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.pg_extPicture Group Index (PG) ExtendedUnsigned integer (16 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.pidPicture ID (PID)Unsigned integer (8 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.pid_extPicture ID (PID) ExtendedUnsigned integer (16 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.sidSpatial Layer IDUnsigned integer (8 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.tidTemporal layer IDUnsigned integer (8 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.tl0picidxTemporal layer zero indexUnsigned integer (8 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.uSwitching up pointBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.vScalability structure (SS) data presentBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.widthWidthUnsigned integer (16 bits)4.2.0
vp9.pld.ySpatial layer's frame resolution presentBoolean4.2.0
vp9.pld.zNot a reference frame for upper spatial layersBoolean4.2.0