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Display Filter Reference: Van Jacobson PPP compression

Protocol field name: vjc

Versions: 3.6.0 to 4.0.8

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Field name Description Type Versions
vjc.bad_dataNon-compliant packet dataLabel3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_maskChange maskUnsigned integer (8 bits)3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_mask.ackTCP Acknowledgement flagBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_mask.connection_numberConnection number flagBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_mask.ip_idIP ID flagBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_mask.pshTCP PSH flagBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_mask.reservedReservedBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_mask.seqTCP Sequence flagBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_mask.urgTCP Urgent flagBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.change_mask.winTCP Window flagBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.checksumTCP ChecksumUnsigned integer (16 bits)3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.compressedIs compressedBoolean3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.connection_numberConnection numberUnsigned integer (8 bits)3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.delta_ackDelta ackUnsigned integer (16 bits)3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.delta_ipidDelta IP IDUnsigned integer (16 bits)3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.delta_seqDelta seqUnsigned integer (16 bits)3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.delta_windowDelta windowSigned integer (16 bits)3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.errorUnrecoverable dissector errorLabel3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.no_connectionNo saved connection found (common at capture start)Label3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.no_connection_dataCould not find saved connection dataLabel3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.no_connection_idNo connection ID and no prior connection (common at capture start)Label3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.no_decompressUndecoded data (impossible due to missing information)Label3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.no_directionConnection has no direction info, cannot decompressLabel3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.special.sawu.... 1111 = special case for "unidirectional data transfer"Label3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.special.swu.... 1011 = special case for "echoed interactive traffic"Label3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.tcp_dataTCP dataByte sequence3.6.0 to 4.0.8
vjc.urgent_pointerUrgent pointerUnsigned integer (16 bits)3.6.0 to 4.0.8