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Display Filter Reference: Banyan Vines IP

Protocol field name: vines_ip

Versions: 1.0.0 to 4.0.6

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Field name Description Type Versions
vines_ip.checksumPacket checksumUnsigned integer (16 bits)1.8.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.destinationDestinationVINES address1.12.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.lengthPacket lengthUnsigned integer (16 bits)1.8.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.protocolProtocolUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.0.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.sourceSourceVINES address1.12.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.tctlTransport controlUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.tctl.classReachableUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.tctl.forward_routerForwarding RouterBoolean1.10.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.tctl.hop_countHop count remainingUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.tctl.metricMetric notification packetBoolean1.10.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.tctl.nodeNodesBoolean1.10.0 to 4.0.6
vines_ip.tctl.notif_packetException notification packetBoolean1.10.0 to 4.0.6
vines_llc.packet_typePacket TypeUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.12.0 to 2.2.17