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Display Filter Reference: RTPDump file format

Protocol field name: rtpdump

Versions: 4.2.0

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Field name Description Type Versions
rtpdump.address.matchText and binary addresses and ports match -- file likely generated by rtpdumpLabel4.2.0
rtpdump.address.mismatchText and binary addresses and ports do not match -- file likely generated by wiresharkLabel4.2.0
rtpdump.bin_addrBinary IPv4 addressIPv4 address4.2.0
rtpdump.bin_addr.ipv6Binary IPv4 address may be a truncated IPv6 addressLabel4.2.0
rtpdump.bin_portBinary portUnsigned integer (16 bits)4.2.0
rtpdump.binary_headerBinary headerByte sequence4.2.0
rtpdump.packetPacketByte sequence4.2.0
rtpdump.paddingPaddingByte sequence4.2.0
rtpdump.pkt_dataDataByte sequence4.2.0
rtpdump.pkt_lenPacket lengthUnsigned integer (16 bits)4.2.0
rtpdump.pkt_offsetTime offset (milliseconds)Unsigned integer (32 bits)4.2.0
rtpdump.pkt_plenData lengthUnsigned integer (16 bits)4.2.0
rtpdump.pkt_plen.truncatedData was truncated during captureLabel4.2.0
rtpdump.play_programPlay programCharacter string4.2.0
rtpdump.play_program.unknownPlayback program not the expected 'rtpplay', dissection may be incorrectLabel4.2.0
rtpdump.text_headerText headerCharacter string4.2.0
rtpdump.tsStart timeDate and time4.2.0
rtpdump.ts.secStart time (seconds)Unsigned integer (32 bits)4.2.0
rtpdump.ts_usecStart time (microseconds)Unsigned integer (32 bits)4.2.0
rtpdump.txt_addrText IPv4 addressIPv4 address4.2.0
rtpdump.txt_addr.badUnparseable text addressLabel4.2.0
rtpdump.txt_portText portUnsigned integer (16 bits)4.2.0
rtpdump.txt_port.badUnparseable text portLabel4.2.0
rtpdump.versionFile format versionCharacter string4.2.0
rtpdump.version.unknownVersion not recognized, dissection may be incorrectLabel4.2.0