Display Filter Reference: ATM Cell

Protocol field name: mplspwatmcell

Versions: 1.4.0 to 3.4.5

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Field name Description Type Versions
atm.cell.len Length Signed integer, 4 bytes 1.4.0 to 3.4.5
atm.cell_broken PW ATM cell is broken Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
atm.pti.invalid Unknown value of PTI field in the ATM cell header Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
atm.pw_control_byte.m.not_zero 1:1 mode: M bit must be 0 to distinguish from AAL5 PDU mode Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
atm.pw_control_byte.rsv.not_zero Reserved bits in the 3rd byte of CW must be 0 Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
atm.pw_control_byte.v.not_one 1:1 VPC mode: V bit must be 1 to indicate that VCI is present Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
atm.pw_control_byte.v.not_zero 1:1 VCC mode: V bit must be 0 to indicate that VCI is absent Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
pw.cw.atmbyte ATM-specific byte of CW is fully dissected below Label 2.0.0 to 3.4.5
pw.cw.bits03.not_zero Bits 0..3 of Control Word must be 0 Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
pw.cw.flags.not_zero Flags must be 0 for PW ATM N:1 encapsulation Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
pw.cw.length.invalid Bad Length: must be 0 for this encapsulation Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
pw.packet_size_too_small PW packet size too small Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
pw.payload.size_invalid PW payload size invalid Label 1.12.0 to 3.4.5
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