Display Filter Reference: Lithionics Battery Management System

Protocol field name: lithionics_bms

Versions: 3.4.0

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Field name Description Type Versions
lithionics_bms.amp_hours_remain Amp Hours Remaining Floating point (single-precision) 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.amps Amps Floating point (single-precision) 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.bat_gauge Bat gauge Unsigned integer, 2 bytes 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.battery_address Battery address Unsigned integer, 1 byte 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.direction Direction Unsigned integer, 1 byte 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.soc SoC Unsigned integer, 2 bytes 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status System Status Unsigned integer, 3 bytes 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.ac_power_present AC Power Present Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.agsr_state AGSR State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.aux_contacts_error AUX Contacts Error Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.aux_contacts_state AUX Contacts State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.aux_input1_state Auxiliary Input 1 State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.battery_protection_state Battery Protection State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.charge_disable_state Charge Disable State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.charge_source_detected Charge Source Detected Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.contactor_flutter Contactor Flutter Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.external_temp_sensor_error External Temp Sensor Error Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.high_temperature_state High Temperature State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.high_voltage_state High Voltage State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.low_temperature_state Low Temperature State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.low_voltage_state Low Voltage State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.neverdie_reserve_state NeverDie Reserve State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.optoloop_cell_open OptoLoop Cell Loop is open Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.overcurrent_state Overcurrent State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.power_off_state Power Off State Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.precharge_error Pre-charge Error Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.reserve_voltage_range Reserve Voltage Range Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.reserved Reserved Unsigned integer, 3 bytes 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.tsm_charger_error TSM Charger Error Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.system_status.tsm_charger_present TSM Charger Present Boolean 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.temperature Temperature Unsigned integer, 2 bytes 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.termination Newline Termination Sequence of bytes 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.volts Volts Floating point (single-precision) 3.4.0
lithionics_bms.watts Watts Unsigned integer, 4 bytes 3.4.0
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