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Display Filter Reference: GSM Short Message Service User Data

Protocol field name: gsm_sms_ud

Versions: 1.10.0 to 4.0.8

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Field name Description Type Versions
gsm_sms_ud.fragmentShort Message fragmentFrame number1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.fragment.countShort Message fragment countUnsigned integer (32 bits)1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.fragment.errorShort Message defragmentation errorFrame number1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.fragment.multiple_tailsShort Message has multiple tail fragmentsBoolean1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.fragment.overlapShort Message fragment overlapBoolean1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.fragment.overlap.conflictsShort Message fragment overlapping with conflicting dataBoolean1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.fragment.too_long_fragmentShort Message fragment too longBoolean1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.fragmentsShort Message fragmentsLabel1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.reassembled.inReassembled inFrame number1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.reassembled.lengthReassembled Short Message lengthUnsigned integer (32 bits)1.10.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.short_msgShort Message bodyByte sequence2.0.0 to 4.0.8
gsm_sms_ud.udh.ieiIE IdUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 3.6.16
gsm_sms_ud.udh.lenUDH LengthUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 3.6.16
gsm_sms_ud.udh.mm.msg_idMessage identifierUnsigned integer (16 bits)1.10.0 to 3.6.16
gsm_sms_ud.udh.mm.msg_partMessage part numberUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 3.6.16
gsm_sms_ud.udh.mm.msg_partsMessage partsUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 3.6.16
gsm_sms_ud.udh.national.locking_shiftLanguageUnsigned integer (8 bits)2.2.0 to 3.6.16
gsm_sms_ud.udh.national.single_shiftLanguageUnsigned integer (8 bits)2.2.0 to 3.6.16
gsm_sms_ud.udh.ports.dstDestination portUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 3.6.16
gsm_sms_ud.udh.ports.srcSource portUnsigned integer (8 bits)1.10.0 to 3.6.16