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Display Filter Reference: CableLabs Layer 3 Protocol

Protocol field name: cl3

Versions: 3.2.0 to 4.2.0

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Field name Description Type Versions
cl3.badheaderlenBad Header LengthLabel3.2.0 to 4.2.0
cl3.headerlenHeader LengthUnsigned integer (8 bits)3.2.0 to 4.2.0
cl3.payloadCL3 PayloadByte sequence3.2.0 to 4.2.0
cl3.subprotocolSubprotocolUnsigned integer (16 bits)3.2.0 to 4.2.0
cl3.unsup_verUnknown protocol versionLabel3.2.0 to 4.2.0
cl3.versionVersionUnsigned integer (8 bits)3.2.0 to 4.2.0